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Welcome to This is an educational site. A brief review of the main programs installed on our computers. We decided to create this site with the intent to be of a help to all those who are not quite familiar with the computer software. If you are computer literate - you will probably find this place boring and useless. If we anyway have already attracted your attention, We wish you - Enjoy your tour around this place!
archivers Archivers - Архиватори
Antivirus Antivirus - Антивирус
Burners Burners - Записващи програми
Browsers Browsers - Браузъри
Defrag Defragmentation - Дефраг прог
Dict Dictionaries - Речници
firewalls Firewalls - Защитни стени
Offi Office progs - Офис програми
OS OS - Операционни системи
Players Players - Мултимедия
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